Developed in 2004/2005, as my final college project, this was a car simulator (i.e. game, with little game mechanics) featuring vehicle deformation.

The game was developed using Ogre3D, an open source, but highly capable 3D graphics engine for the graphics. We used NovodeX (later aquired by Ageia, and then by Nvidia which rebranded it as PhysX), for the physics simulation.

The game featured networked multiplayer mode, and supported CAVE projection mode (using multiple surrounding projectors with adjusted point of view corrections in each one).

The deformation was the basis of our work, and was published as a paper. You can read the preprint version here.

The name was meant as a play on the word Deformed (D - four- MD), a nod to the deformation system that was the core of this game.

A post about the game was made in the Ogre3D forums.




Rui Pires

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